Telehealth Acupuncture

Telehealth - Acupuncture in Canberra

Telehealth Acupuncture is using Skype or webcam-based consultation, to assess patients condition and offer specific acupressure instructions and exercises.
-- A cost effective and convenient alternative during the Canberra lockdown.

" Telehealth consultation is what I did for my family in China in the last 2 decades." says Dr. Chen, acupuncturist. "After I understood what is the issue, I show them where to find the right pressure points and how to use it most effectively. We meet up online a couple of days later to follow up on the progress. It usually all happy smiles. Now, in this time of uncertainty, this method is extend from my own family to the Chenzen family. "

Our telehealth consultations allow you to get in touch with Dr. Chen with the same continuity of care. Telehealth consultations are a Skype, phone or webcam-based consultation that will take up to 20 minutes. There is no acupuncture needling involved in these consultations, but using a range of self-stimulations for the right pressure points.

Dr. Chen is always passionate about self-healing. He sees this form of session enables patients to take more active roles in their healing.

What to Expect - Telehealth Acupuncture

In this consultation, Dr. Chen can take a history of your condition, assess your condition by looking at your tongue and body movement. You may then be given an instruction to press certain pressure points to confirm the energy blockage or unbalance. Then, you will be advised on tools and techniques to stimulate certain pressure points. You may do it together with Dr. Chen during the session, or do it yourself and check-in on your progress in a couple of days. You may also receive an exercise plan for your recovery.

Please note, no acupuncture needling session is provided in this consultation. Few shorter consultations may be required in order to help you with your problem.

As a registered acupuncturist with CMBA, Chen is a recognised acupuncture provider for Comcare and all major private health funds.”
However, There is No private health rebate currently available for Telehealth consultations.

Safety of Telehealth Acupuncture

*** Please note: The information provided in these consultations is provided without completion of a physical examination, errors of diagnosis can be made without the completion of a thorough physical examination and so we encourage all participants in our skype or tele-consultations to seek a thorough physical examination prior to booking in their skype or tele consultation. All information is from the opinion of the consulting practitioner it is the duty of the patient to seek further opinion during in house consultation with another practitioner if their condition is not improving with the advice provided.