Tai Chi Classes in Canberra


Tai Chi Classes Canberra

Tai Chi was traditionally used to treat patients as part of Chinese medical exercise in China. Our Taichi classes are led by Chen to focus on strengthing core muscle, improving balance and flexibility.


Course Name: Tai Chi Beginners Class (Core and Leg Strength)

This 60-minutes easy to follow Tai Chi exercise is specific designed to help people with back pain or a weak core muscles, as an intergrative part of Chinese medicine treatments offered by Dr. Chen. The class is lead by Dr. Chen who has taught Tai Chi for over 20 years and gives advice to each students/patients according to their health condition. The style of Tai Chi taught in the class is combination of Shibashi and Yang style. Check out the complete form of Yang style 24 steps at YouTube.

Location: 1. The Gym Downstairs of Chenzen Wellness Centre, Green Square Centre, Kingston
(During Apr-Oct or on raining days)
2. Bowen Park, Next to On-Lake Cafe, nearKingston Foreshore (During Oct-April Daylight Saving Time)

Time: 6:00-7:00PM Wednesday, 10 weeks per course.

Payment:$150 per course, paid on the first class or before the course start.

Starting Dates in 2022: 2 Mar, 18 May, 3 Aug, 19 Oct