How To Choose A Good Acupuncturist?


Choosing a good acupuncturist can be a daunting task whether you are new in town or ready to try acupuncture. These are 3 key steps as my advice to patients who move away and like to carry on with high-quality acupuncture treatments.


  • Ask friends, family or social media if anyone can recommend an acupuncturist they have used personally.


  • After you have shortlisted a few recommended acupuncturists in your area – check their credentials and qualifications:
  • In most countries, acupuncturists are qualified by University level degrees and self regulated national registration bodies (e.g. CMBA in Australia, NCCAOM in the USA and BAcC in the UK). Find this out from the practitioner’s website or call their office to check their qualification. Or they are registered with a national board and associations.
  • Most acupuncturists are trained to be well rounded practitioners able to deal with a very wide variety of issues. Yet some also get specialised training in various fields such as fertility, psycho-emotional health, sports injuries and so on. If you have a more specific need it is worth refining your search to ask and check for specialised training. This information should normally be found on the practitioner’s websites.


  • Once you have selected a suitable acupuncturist – schedule an appointment.
  • Ultimately the most important test is how you feel instinctively and connect with the practitioner. Their qualifications or even name/fame is not as an important factor as how your gut feels. The level of care and attention they focused to helping you are equally improtant.
  • Your initial consultation shoulder not feel been rushed. A good acupuncturist will spend time get to know you. They ask questions about your overall health and lifestyle to better understand your problem and its root causes.
  • The sign of a good acupuncturist is that the practitioner should make you feel safe and confident with their advice and treatment plan they offer.

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