Gua Sha / Guasha

Gua Sha in Canberra

Gua Sha is a massage therapy that involves scraping your skin with a smooth-edged instrument to improve your circulation. Gua sha is offered as a stand-alone facial treatment or an adjunctive therapy to the Wellbeing Session at Chenzen Wellness Centre.

Gua sha is the hottest new beauty "trend" with Tiktokers thanks to Chinese medicine, as it is one of the traditional therapies dated back centuries.

In the traditional belief, gua sha speeds up the flow of blood and Qi. The heat from the friction helps eliminate pathogenic factors such as wind, cold, damp. It also opens the pores to release the trapped heat due to heatstroke. There is a modern studie shows gua sha increased microcirculation and immediate decreases of muscle pain.

While this practice passed down for generations, It becomes a fork remedy for households in many parts of China. Now, some bloggers are advocate using gua sha as part of their recovery routine after exercise.

The Gua Sha Facial - A New Resurgence of the Trend

Gua sha is traditionally used to relieve muscle pain or tightness and improve blood circulation. Now it becomes the trendy beauty technique among tiktokers and celebrities.

Some claim it can be used for de-puffing under-eyes and cheeks, for lifting and sculpting, and relaxing tight muscles that contribute to fine lines or tight jaws. It may also be used for seasonal allergies and sinus congestion. Some add Jade Roller as an additional tool for the face-lift and help lymphatic drainage.

It is especially interesting as gua sha becomes a at home face-lift during the worldwide Lockdown, because it is safe and easy to apply.

Is Gua Sha Safe

Gua Sha does not break the skin and is usually not painful to receive. It is considered safe to use. Bloggers, YouTubers, and Tiktokkers show-offs their gua sha on themselves at home by using smooth-edged stone or jade tools. When it is done professionally from a certified practitioner, it requires all the precautions for contraindications and maintaining the sterilising guideline. It also involves a holistic approach in energy assessment and emphasis on beauty-from-within as well.

Cupping vs Gua Sha
– Which Method Suits You Better

Both cupping therapy and Gua Sha work on the skin layer to improve blood circulation and relieve stagnant Qi. Both of them are common methods to help patients with muscular pain and stiffness. In a clinical setting, I may use both of them together when required. As a rule of thumb, areas that are unable to apply suction cups, Gua Sha can still be used.

In a simple term, Gua Sha covers a wider area, and the pressure applied on a shallow surface while cupping is more localised and penetrates to deeper tissue. As in facial application, I would use Gua Sha to work with circulation to de-puffing and relax the tight muscle to contour, while using cupping is more focused on release congestion such as acne.