October 19, 2021

How Long It Takes to See the Result of Acupuncture?

There are two timelines to see the result of acupuncture depending on the goal of your treatment. Short-Term Result on Pain Relief If you were in the acupuncture clinic for acute pain or sports injury, you may notice the pain relief almost instantly from the first treatment. For chronic pain, […]
February 25, 2018
Chinese medicine Perspectives poor health

9 Signs of Poor Health – a Chinese Medicine Perspective

Have you recently experienced any of the following conditions? Waking up feeling tired, no matter how long you have slept. Overactive mind: unable to switch off at bedtime. Poor appetite in the morning and noon (skipping meals); cravings and overeating in late afternoons and evenings. Feeling bloated, fatigued, and with […]
February 21, 2018

Why Am I Always Tired? – Answers from Chinese medicine perspective

Constantly tired lately, no matter how many hours you have slept?  Still remember those days when you were “super-human” and you worked tirelessly, exceling at whatever you did without much sleep or rest?  Ever wonder why your body and energy doesn’t bounce back like before? As a Chinese Medicine practitioner, […]