Functional Nutritionist


Who Is Vanessa?

Vanessa Vanderhoek is a Functional Nutritionist with a special interest in the gut microbiome, epigenetics, autoimmune conditions, and Chinese nutrition therapy. She works collaboratively with Dr Chen helping people to address digestive complaints and regain their health and wellbeing.
Vanessa lives in Canberra with her husband, kids and dog.


What makes Vanessa unique?

  • Vanessa offers an evidence-based functional nutrition approach to your health and wellbeing. She continues to expand her extensive studies, currently completing a Master of Nutrition and a Chinese Nutritional Therapy Diploma.
  • Vanessa is highly skilled in helping people to overcome their digestive issues, improve their mood and energy, and regain their health and wellbeing.
  • Vanessa is empathic. She prioritises taking time to listen to your health and family history, joining the dots, helping uncover "what's going on in there", and creating you a bio-individual plan that will fit within your lifestyle.

Long Bio

Vanessa's journey to becoming a Functional Nutritionist was by accident. Her daughter was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease (juvenile idiopathic arthritis) at the age of 2. Vanesa delved in to study the science about food and nutrition, and the impact it has on the systems in the body.

Which led her to some pretty incredible results…. Her daughter regained her health and has been in remission since June 2020. She can now run, jump, climb, hop with the swelling in her knee and digestive complaints completely eradicated. She is very happy and an incredibly healthy little girl. And through this journey Vanessa and her husband also uplevelled their health and wellbeing.

Through this journey Vanessa has learned the power of nutrition, a healthy gut and the life-changing positive impact it has on deep health and wellbeing. She loves learning, and continues her further education.

Masters of Human Nutrition (current), Deakin University
Graduate Certificate of Human Nutrition, Deakin University
Certified Functional Nutrition Practitioner, Full Body Systems
Chinese Nutritional Therapy Diploma, Centre of Excellence
Precision Nutrition, Certified Nutrition Coach
Fellowship, Centre of Health Economics Research and Evaluation (CHERE), University of Sydney

Further education:
Member, Methylation and Genomics Institute
GI Microbial Assay Plus (GI-MAP) Test Program, Designs for Health
Hair Test Tissue Mineral Analysis Certified Practitioner, InterClinical Laboratories
Hair Mineral Analysis for Health Practitioners, Tue Health Synergy
SIBO Mastery Program, The SIBO Doctor
Navigating the Paediatric Gut, The SIBO Doctor
Mastering Gut Healing, Health Takes Guts
Functional Testing & Dietary Planning, JCN Clinic
OMX Metabolomics Program, Dr Oscar Coetzee (current)