Margaret Chua


Who Is Margaret?

Margaret is a psychologist who offers extensive therapeutic modalities from her 30 years of counselling experience. With utmost professionalism, she provides individual therapy in a confidential and respectful manner. Chenzen Wellness Centre is proud to have her in their team as she shares the holistic approach to good health.


What makes Margaret unique?

  • Margaret listens deeply to her clients, and her gentle questioning allows clients to talk and unfold their difficulties.
  • Her use of mindfulness meditation enables clients to experience a sense of calmness and having a clear mind. While problems may not be solved immediately or at all, clarity is a powerful quality for reflecting on what is within your control to change.
  • Informed by ethical grounding in her practice, she helps you align with your own values so that even in the most difficult situations, you know you’ve made the best decisions possible.
  • Margaret’s draws on her own experience in living and working with people from diverse backgrounds to appreciate her clients’ different world views.
  • Margaret provides her clients with best practice through keeping up to date in psychology with her professional development.

Long Bio

Margaret divides her week between Chenzen Wellness Centre and the Canberra Institute of Technology, where she is the head of counselling.

Margaret’s career in psychology began in the ‘80s and this long career span has given her the opportunity to meet thousands of people from all backgrounds and to work with many different issues presented by clients.

Margaret has lived in many different countries in Asia and in France. After finishing school in Paris, she came to Canberra and studied anthropology and psychology at the Australian National University and Flinders University. Her master’s thesis in anthropology was a study on communication between medical doctors and patients.

By serendipity, she discovered Buddhist psychology and realised how it fills the gaps in conventional psychology. She was awarded a scholarship from Nan Tien Institute, Wollongong to undertake a Master of Arts in Applied Buddhist Studies. Margaret integrates western psychology and Buddhist psychology in her therapeutic work.