Acupuncture for General Health


Acupuncture for General Health Canberra

Acupuncture has broad application and can be of assistance for almost any complaint, as a stand-alone treatment or a supportive care to existing medical treatment.


Adrenal Fatigue/ Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue that has not been examined by a doctor can be associated with a multitude of disease states and should be assessed by your GP. If your fatigue is associated with stress, insomnia, mild depression or other known causes, treatments with Chinese medicine could give you more energy and correct the underlying cause of fatigue. Many patients with this diagnosis may find relief with the combination of Chinese herbs, acupuncture and dietary changes prescribed by our licensed acupuncturist.


Asthma, hay fever, eczema, insomnia, and digestive problems can all stem from underlying allergies and can be treated with acupuncture and Chinese herbs. There are increasing clinical evidences support that acupuncture treatment is effective for various immunological diseases. Moreover, Chinese medicine focuses on preventing diseases through prevention before the onset of the diseases or intervening in an early stage of diseases rather than treating after the onset.

Digestive complaints

Our experienced acupuncturist can help you manage a spectrum of digestive issues including, but not limited to IBS, acid reflux, heart burn, nausea, constipation, diarrhea, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, bloating and gas. With a combination of acupuncture, herbs and dietary changes, your acupuncturist will provide a targeted treatment plan to correct underlying problems in the digestive system, encourage healing, and maintain a healthy gut.


There are evidence suggest that "acupuncture appears to be at least as effective as existing conventional drugs, without their level of side effects, it could be considered as one of the therapeutic options for insomnia". Many our patients report after receiving acupuncture treatments for insomnia they also notice an overall improvement of both their physical and mental wellness. If you or somebody you know is suffering from insomnia, it might be worth the time to try acupuncture by our fully-licensed acupuncturist.

Cancer Care

The effect and mechanism of acupuncture to relieve nausea & vomiting during radiotherapy or chemotherapy, reduce fatigue and provide pain relief in patients with cancer was studied. In general, acupuncture is believed to stimulate the nervous system and cause the release of neurochemical messenger molecules. The resulting biochemical changes influence the body's homeostatic mechanisms, thus promoting physical and emotional well-being.


More Health Conditions

We also treat people with following conditions:

Colds and flu
Allergic rhinitis
Post-viral fatigue
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
Diarrhoea and constipation
Nausea and abdominal bloating
Weak immune systems
Obesity and Tinnitus
Thyroid disease
Type-2 Diabetes