8 Signs of Healthy Living

“How many time do I need continue acupuncture treatments?”
“How long is the course of my acupuncture treatments?”

These are common questions asked during initial acupuncture consultations.

There are two timelines in these answers according to patient’s needs. If your goal of acupuncture treatment is having a safe and drug-free pain relief for your pain and sports injuries. The recommended treatment course is about 2-3 weeks of every other day acupuncture sessions. You should expect to notice the pain relieve within a couple of sessions and twice/thrice weekly sessions would generate a good momentum of a long-lasting pain relief.

If your goal of acupuncture treatment is not only to relieve your symptoms but for staying a state of wellbeing (improved energy level, preventing illness and maintain good immunity), 4-6 weekly sessions are recommended. During the wellness treatments sessions, look out for following signs happening in your body as they are signposts of an optimal health state according to Chinese medicine.

  1. Sleeping well: waking up feeling refreshed and having adequate energy for the entire day.
  2. Eating well: feeling hungry at mealtimes, satisfied with meals without fatigue, bloating or sugar craving.
  3. Pooing well: passing formed stool at least once a day and feeling light afterwards.
  4. Peeing Well: having an adequate pressure for a strong urine stream, with decent quantity.
  5. Circulating well: feeling warm on hands and feet most of time, even in the winter.
  6. Breathing well: breathing softly, deep and often abdominal, without frequent sigh or out of breath.
  7. Emotional wellbeing: feeling in control and at peace with yourself, your emotions and your life.
  8. Menstruating Well: a regular period without cramps or pre-menstrual symptoms (for female only).

Once these signs are returned to your body, the mission is accomplished and your course of treatments will be ceased.

Besides passively receiving acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments, there are tools can be done by yourself to regain these healthy signs. “The Energy Book” offers simple and practical self-help steps to help you to live healthily with full of energy.

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